Impairment of rat spermatogenesis following unilateral experimental ischemia.

  title={Impairment of rat spermatogenesis following unilateral experimental ischemia.},
  author={David Iwan Lewis-Jones and M J Moreno de Marval and Richard G. Harrison},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={38 4},
When one testis in a rat is rendered ischemic, histologic damage occurs in the contralateral testis, which can be explained on immunologic grounds. An increase in the quantity of a naturally circulating cytotoxic antitestis antibody or an alteration in the specificity of this antibody was observed via cytotoxic antibody tests. Immunocytochemical techniques further demonstrated this phenomenon, showing binding of fluorescein-labeled antibody to sections of normal control testis or to sections of… CONTINUE READING