Impairment of neocortical metabolism predicts progression in Alzheimer's disease.

  title={Impairment of neocortical metabolism predicts progression in Alzheimer's disease.},
  author={Karl Herholz and A. Nordberg and Eric Salmon and Daniela Perani and Josef Kessler and Ruediger Mielke and Marc Halber and Vesna Jelic and Ove Almkvist and Fabienne Collette and Margherita Alberoni and Angus Kennedy and Steen G. Hasselbalch and Ferruccio Fazio and Wolf Dieter Heiss},
  journal={Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders},
  volume={10 6},
Progression rates of Alzheimer's disease (AD) vary considerably, and they are particularly difficult to predict in patients with mild cognitive impairment. We performed a prospective multicenter cohort study in 186 patients with possible or probable AD, mostly with presenile onset. In a cross-sectional analysis at entry, impairment of glucose metabolism in temporoparietal or frontal association areas measured with positron emission tomography was significantly associated with dementia severity… CONTINUE READING


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