Impairment of cerebrovascular reactivity in long-term type 1 diabetes.

  title={Impairment of cerebrovascular reactivity in long-term type 1 diabetes.},
  author={B{\'e}la F{\"u}lesdi and Martien Limburg and D Bereczki and Robert P. J. Michels and Gyula Neuwirth and Dink A. Legemate and Attila Valikovics and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Csiba},
  volume={46 11},
The early preclinical detection of cerebrovascular complications in individuals with diabetes is one of the goals of care described in the St. Vincent Declaration. In accordance with this goal, the aim of the present work was to investigate whether altered cerebral microvascular function in patients suffering from type 1 diabetes can be detected with a transcranial Doppler probe after the administration of acetazolamide. A total of 72 type 1 diabetic patients and 40 healthy control subjects… CONTINUE READING
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