Impairment in the specificity of emotion processing in schizophrenia.


OBJECTIVE Deficits in emotion processing are a hallmark of schizophrenia, with consequences for social functioning and subjective well-being. However, their specificity and characteristics have not been ascertained psychometrically. The authors' purpose was to examine a differential deficit for processing emotional facets of the face compared to judgment of… (More)


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@article{Schneider2006ImpairmentIT, title={Impairment in the specificity of emotion processing in schizophrenia.}, author={Frank Schneider and Ruben C. Gur and Kathrin Koch and Volker Backes and Katrin Amunts and Nadim Joni Shah and Warren B. Bilker and Raquel E. Gur and Ute Habel}, journal={The American journal of psychiatry}, year={2006}, volume={163 3}, pages={442-7} }