Impairment in episodic and chronic cluster headache.

  title={Impairment in episodic and chronic cluster headache.},
  author={Tim Patrick Juergens and Charly Gaul and Andrea Lindwurm and Thomas Dresler and Yvonne Paelecke-Habermann and Tobias Schmidt-Wilcke and R. Luerding and Karsten Henkel and Elke Leinisch},
  journal={Cephalalgia : an international journal of headache},
  volume={31 6},
Despite being an excruciating headache, little is known about the burden of cluster headache (CH) regarding its various subtypes. In a multicentre, prospective study, patients with chronic CH (n = 27), with episodic CH in the active (n = 26) and outside the active period (n = 22), migraine patients (n = 24) and healthy controls (n = 31) were included. Epidemiological data, the German version of the Headache Disability Inventory (HDI) and a screening for psychiatric complaints were applied… CONTINUE READING