Impairment across executive functions in recurrent major depression.

  title={Impairment across executive functions in recurrent major depression.},
  author={Kirsten Irene Stordal and Astri J. Lundervold and Jens Egeland and Arnstein Mykletun and Arve Egil Asbj\ornsen and Nils Inge Landr\o and Atle Roness and Bj\orn Rishovd Rund and Kjetil S. Sundet and Ketil J. Oedegaard and Anders Lund},
  journal={Nordic journal of psychiatry},
  volume={58 1},
Depression is associated with impairment of cognitive functions, and especially executive functions (EFs). Despite the fact that most depressed patients experience recurrence of episodes, the pattern and the severity of executive impairment have not been well characterized in this group of depressed patients. We asked if and to what extent these patients were impaired on a range of neuropsychological tests measuring EFs, and also when confounding factors were adjusted for. Forty-five patients… CONTINUE READING