Impaired insulin secretion in the spontaneous diabetes rats.

  title={Impaired insulin secretion in the spontaneous diabetes rats.},
  author={Kei Kimura and Takayoshi Toyota and Mayumi Kakizaki and Mihoko Kudo and Kazuo Takebe and Yusuke Goto},
  journal={The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine},
  volume={137 4},
Dynamics of insulin and glucagon secretion were investigated by using a new model of spontaneous diabetes rats produced by the repetition of selective breeding in our laboratories. The perfusion experiments of the pancreas showed that the early phase of insulin secretion to continuous stimulation with glucose was specifically impaired, although the response of the early phase to arginine was preserved. The glucose-induced insulin secretion in the nineth generation (F8) which had a more… CONTINUE READING
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