Impaired hearing in mice lacking aquaporin-4 water channels.

  title={Impaired hearing in mice lacking aquaporin-4 water channels.},
  author={Jing zhou Li and Alan S. Verkman},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={276 33},
A role for aquaporins (AQPs) in hearing has been suggested from the specific expression of aquaporins in inner ear and the need for precise volume regulation in epithelial cells involved in acoustic signal transduction. Using mice deficient in selected aquaporins as controls, we localized AQP1 in fibrocytes in the spiral ligament and AQP4 in supporting epithelial cells (Hensen's, Claudius, and inner sulcus cells) in the organ of Corti. To determine whether aquaporins play a role in hearing… CONTINUE READING
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