Impaired glucose metabolism and health related quality of life.

  title={Impaired glucose metabolism and health related quality of life.},
  author={Tellervo Sepp{\"a}l{\"a} and Ulla Kirsti Maria Sax{\'e}n and Hannu Kautiainen and Salme K J{\"a}rvenp{\"a}{\"a} and P{\"a}ivi Elina Korhonen},
  journal={Primary care diabetes},
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AIMS We aimed at investigating whether different categories of glucose tolerance have any effect on a person's HRQoL. METHODS Population-based cross-sectional study conducted as a community sample of apparently healthy middle-aged individuals living in Western Finland. The subjects of the study, 1383 individuals, aged 45-70 years, had at least one cardiovascular risk factor but no previous diagnoses of either diabetes or cardiovascular disease. They completed health related quality of life… CONTINUE READING