Impaired functional visual acuity of dry eye patients.

  title={Impaired functional visual acuity of dry eye patients.},
  author={Eiki Goto and Yukiko Yagi and Yukihiro Matsumoto and Kazuo Tsubota},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={133 2},
PURPOSE To report dry eye patients' functional visual acuity, which was measured after sustained eye opening for 10-20 seconds, as a simulation of visual function of daily acts of gazing, which is defined as looking at an object with involuntary blink suppression. METHODS Interventional clinical nonrandomized comparative trial. We measured ordinary best-corrected visual acuity and functional visual acuity in non-Sjögren's syndrome (non-SS, N = 10) and Sjögren's syndrome (SS, N = 12) patients… CONTINUE READING

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