Impaired decision-making in psychopathic heroin addicts.

  title={Impaired decision-making in psychopathic heroin addicts.},
  author={Jasmin Vassileva and Pavlina Petkova and Stefan Georgiev and Eileen Martin and Ruslan Tersiyski and Margarita Radoslavova Raycheva and Vladimir Velinov and Peter Marinov},
  journal={Drug and alcohol dependence},
  volume={86 2-3},
Substance-dependent individuals (SDIs) often show neurocognitive deficits in decision-making, such that their choices are biased toward the greatest immediate reward rather than the optimal future outcome. However, studies of SDIs are often hampered by two significant methodological challenges: polysubstance dependence and comorbid conditions, which are independently associated with neurocognitive impairments. We addressed these methodological challenges by testing heroin addicts in Bulgaria… CONTINUE READING
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