Impaired cutaneous immune responses in Thy-1-deficient mice.


Thy-1 is a cell surface glycoprotein expressed mainly on brain and lymphoid tissue. Although the functions of Thy-1 are incompletely understood, evidence exists that Thy-1 participates in T cell activation. To examine the functional role of Thy-1 in cutaneous immune responses in vivo, Thy-1 gene-targeted mice (Thy-1-/-) and wild-type mice (Thy-1+/+) were immunized with the hapten oxazolone. After challenge with oxazolone, contact hypersensitivity responses in Thy-1-/- mice were reduced by 25% compared with Thy-1+/+ mice. Likewise, irritant dermatitis induced by croton oil was also decreased. In addition, Thy-1-/- mice showed a significantly reduced delayed-type hypersensitivity response after injection of allogeneic spleen cells into the hind footpads of allosensitized animals when compared with Thy-1+/+ mice. Moreover, proliferative responses to immobilized anti-CD3 were decreased in peripheral Thy-1-/- lymphocytes; this decrease was associated with a significantly reduced intracellular Ca2+ influx and protein tyrosine phosphorylation, indicating impairment of early lymphocyte activation. In contrast, the T cell proliferation induced by mitogens was normal, suggesting that Thy-1 expression weakly contributes to TCR-mediated T cell activation. Epidermal Langerhans cells and bone marrow-derived dendritic cells from Thy-1-/- mice exhibited a normal expression of costimulatory surface molecules as well as an unaltered ability to stimulate allogeneic T cells. Taken together, these findings demonstrate that a lack of Thy-1 expression does not generally compromise the immune system; however, Thy-1 expression may be involved in the fine-tuning of T cell-mediated immune responses.

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