Impaired cliff avoidance reaction in dopamine transporter knockout mice

  title={Impaired cliff avoidance reaction in dopamine transporter knockout mice},
  author={Motoyasu Yamashita and Yasufumi Sakakibara and F. Scott Hall and Yohtaro Numachi and Sumiko Yoshida and Hideaki Kobayashi and Osamu Uchiumi and George R. Uhl and Yoshiyuki Kasahara and Ichiro Sora},
Impulsivity is a key feature of disorders that include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The cliff avoidance reaction (CAR) assesses maladaptive impulsive rodent behavior. Dopamine transporter knockout (DAT-KO) mice display features of ADHD and are candidates in which to test other impulsive phenotypes. Impulsivity of DAT-KO mice was assessed in the CAR paradigm. For comparison, attentional deficits were also assessed in prepulse inhibition (PPI) in which DAT-KO mice have been… CONTINUE READING