Impaired cell volume regulation in taurine deficient cultured astrocytes

  title={Impaired cell volume regulation in taurine deficient cultured astrocytes},
  author={Julio Mor{\'a}n and Thomas E. Maar and Herminia Pasantes-Morales},
  journal={Neurochemical Research},
Taurine concentration was reduced by 40 and 65%, respectively in rat cerebellar astrocytes grown in a chemically defined medium or in culture medium containing a blocker of taurine transport (GES). Cell volume in these taurine deficient cells was 10%–16% higher than in controls. When challenged by hyposmotic conditions, astrocytes release taurine and this efflux contributes to the volume regulatory decrease observed in these cells. Taurine deficient astrocytes showed a less efficient volume… CONTINUE READING