Impaired autophagic degradation of lncRNA ARHGAP5-AS1 promotes chemoresistance in gastric cancer

  title={Impaired autophagic degradation of lncRNA ARHGAP5-AS1 promotes chemoresistance in gastric cancer},
  author={Liyuan Zhu and Yiran Zhu and Shuting Han and Miaoqin Chen and Ping Song and Dongjun Dai and Wenxia Xu and Tingting Jiang and Lifeng Feng and Vivian Yvonne Shin and X Wang and Hongchuan H. Jin},
  booktitle={Cell Death & Disease},
Chemoresistance remains the uppermost disincentive for cancer treatment on account of many genetic and epigenetic alterations. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are emerging players in promoting cancer initiation and progression. However, the regulation and function in chemoresistance are largely unknown. Herein, we identified ARHGAP5-AS1 as a lncRNA upregulated in chemoresistant gastric cancer cells and its knockdown reversed chemoresistance. Meanwhile, high ARHGAP5-AS1 expression was associated… CONTINUE READING
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