Impaired alpha1-adrenergic responses in aged rat hearts.

  title={Impaired alpha1-adrenergic responses in aged rat hearts.},
  author={Olivier Montagne and Philippe Le Corvoisier and Thierry Guenoun and Monique Laplace and Bertrand Crozatier},
  journal={Fundamental & clinical pharmacology},
  volume={19 3},
To determine age-related changes in the cardiac effect of alpha1-adrenergic stimulation, both cardiomyocyte Ca2+-transient and cardiac protein kinase C (PKC) activity were measured in 3-month- (3MO) and 24-month- (24MO) old Wistar rats. Ca2+ transients obtained under 1 Hz pacing by microfluorimetry of cardiomyocyte loaded with indo-1 (405/480 nm fluorescence ratio) were compared in control conditions (Kreb's solution alone) and after alpha1-adrenergic stimulation (phenylephrine or cirazoline… CONTINUE READING

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