Impaired TLR5 functionality is associated with survival in melioidosis.

  title={Impaired TLR5 functionality is associated with survival in melioidosis.},
  author={T Eoin West and Narisara Chantratita and Wirongrong Chierakul and Direk Limmathurotsakul and Vanaporn Wuthiekanun and Nicolle D. Myers and Mary J. Emond and Mark M. Wurfel and Thomas Richard Hawn and Sharon J Peacock and Shawn J. Skerrett},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={190 7},
Melioidosis is infection caused by the flagellated saprophyte Burkholderia pseudomallei. TLR5 is a pathogen recognition receptor activated by bacterial flagellin. We studied a genetic variant that encodes a defective TLR5 protein, TLR5(1174C)>T, to elucidate the role of TLR5 in melioidosis. We measured NF-κB activation induced by B. pseudomallei in human embryonic kidney-293 cells transfected with TLR5 and found that B. pseudomallei induced TLR5(1174C)- but not TLR5(1174T)-dependent activation… CONTINUE READING
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