Impacts on conceptus survival in a commercial swine herd.

  title={Impacts on conceptus survival in a commercial swine herd.},
  author={Kimberly A. Vonnahme and Matthew W. Wilson and George Robert Foxcroft and Stephen P. Ford},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={80 3},
An estimated 30 to 40% of potential piglets are lost before farrowing in U.S. or European pig breeds. Because these studies were conducted in limited numbers of university research herds, we decided to characterize the timing, pattern, and extent of conceptus loss in a commercial swine herd in Iowa (Pig Improvement Company; Camborough Line). Sows (parities 2 to 14) were slaughtered on d 25 (n = 83), 36 (n = 78), or 44 (n = 83) of gestation. These days coincide with periods before, during, and… CONTINUE READING
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