Impacts of the desulfurization price subsidy policy on SO2 reduction: Evidence from China's coal-fired power plants

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The Impact of Environmental Policy Stringency on Renewable Energy Production in the Visegrad Group Countries
Various environmental policy instruments supporting the development of renewable energy are used on an increasing scale as part of the policy of mitigating climate change and more. In our paper, we
Influence of SO2 in the Medium to High Temperature Range of SO3 Removal by CaO
Injecting sorbents can effectively decrease the SO3 pollution, but its removal efficiency is reduced by the absorption owning to the abundant SO2. Experiments were carried out on a fix bed reacter to


Historical Analysis of SO2 Pollution Control Policies in China
It is found that Chinese SO2 control policies have become increasingly strict and rigid, and China needs to reinforce the economic and environmental assessments for pollution control projects and work harder to integrate economic measures into environmental protection.
Technology Diffusion and Environmental Regulation: The Adoption of Scrubbers by Coal-Fired Power Plants
This research examines the technological diffusion of scrubbers, a sulfur dioxide (SO2) abatement technology, in response to Title IV of the Clean Air Act. Title IV implemented a tradable pollution
Does the SO2 emissions trading scheme encourage green total factor productivity? An empirical assessment on China’s cities
It is held that SO2 ETS is effective for improving environment, but it is still difficult to achieve the promotion of green TFP simultaneously, and the negative impact mainly caused by the deterioration in efficiency change.
Environmental Performance and Regulation Effect of China’s Atmospheric Pollutant Emissions: Evidence from “Three Regions and Ten Urban Agglomerations”
This paper employs the slack-based measure method and an extended Luenberger productivity indicator to estimate and decompose the atmospheric environmental performance under the constraints of energy
A Review of Air Pollution Control Policy Development and Effectiveness in China
Upon economic booming and rapid urbanization, China has been suffering from severe air pollution problem. While the Chinese government strives to reduce emissions through numerous laws, standards and