Impacts of soil moisture content and vegetation on shear strength of unsaturated soil

  title={Impacts of soil moisture content and vegetation on shear strength of unsaturated soil},
  author={Yang Yong-hong and Zhang Jian-guo and Zhang Wen-zhong Yu Jian-hui and Liu Shu-zhen and Wang Cheng-hua and Xiao Qing-hua},
  journal={Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences},
It is analyzed that the impacts of vegetation type and soil moisture content on shear strength of unsaturated soil through direct shearing tests for various vegetation types, different soil moisture contents and different-depth unsaturated soil. The results show that the cohesion of unsaturated soil changes greatly, and the friction angle changes in little with soil moisture content. It is also shown that vegetation can improve shear strength of unsaturated soil, which therefore provides a… CONTINUE READING

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