Impacts of Typhoon Mangkhut in 2018 on the deposition of marine debris and microplastics on beaches in Hong Kong.

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Microplastic Variations in Land-Based Sources of Coastal Water Affected by Tropical Typhoon Events in Zhanjiang Bay, China
Increasingly serious microplastic pollution in coastal areas and the ecological threats associated with plastics have attracted global attention. The frequency and intensity of typhoons have
Plastic After an Extreme Storm: The Typhoon-Induced Response of Micro- and Mesoplastics in Coastal Waters
Extreme storms, such as tropical cyclones, are responsible for a significant portion of the plastic debris transported from land to sea yet little is known about the storm response of microplastics
The Impact of Typhoon “Mangkhut” on Surface Water Nutrient and Chlorophyll Inventories of the South China Sea in September 2018
The influence of the exceptionally strong typhoon Mangkhut on the availability of nutrients and changes in primary production were studied in the northern South China Sea in September 2018. A tight


Occurrence and Composition of Microplastics in the Seabed Sediments of the Coral Communities in Proximity of a Metropolitan Area
  • C. Cheang, Yue Ma, L. Fok
  • Environmental Science
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2018
The results have provided information with reference to environmental concentrations of microplastics for fringe reef habitat close to urban areas, which can be applied in studies concerning ecotoxicity ofmicroplastics.
The constructive functions of tropical cyclones and tsunamis on deep-water sand deposition during sea level highstand: Implications for petroleum exploration
Empirical data on tropical cyclones (meteorological phenomena) and tsunamis (oceanographic phenomena) from the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans reveal that they are highly powerful and frequent
Marine debris on beaches of the Greater Sydney region
Marine debris directly threatens and indirectly impacts upon marine wildlife and humans throughout the world. Proper management requires information on debris abundance, distribution and sources for