• Business
  • Published 2017

Impacto que tendrá la aplicación de las NIA en empresas con área de Control Interno en el Sector Privado

  title={Impacto que tendr{\'a} la aplicaci{\'o}n de las NIA en empresas con {\'a}rea de Control Interno en el Sector Privado},
  author={Tania Pardo},
Understanding that we are in a revolutionarily variable environment, in such a way that demands new processes adaptable to the needs that companies have in search of the internationalization of their products and services, and in turn the implementation of new practices in the accounting of their movements Financial, and the adequacy of the use of the PUC to the knowledge of the business, we know that globalization has impacted on accounting information through the opening of the economy, which… CONTINUE READING