Impact-resistant nacre-like transparent materials

  title={Impact-resistant nacre-like transparent materials},
  author={Zhen Yin and Florent Hannard and Francois Barthelat},
  pages={1260 - 1263}
Nacre-inspired toughened glass Nacre is a biological composite that is present in seashells. This composite contains a small amount of organic material that toughens brittle ceramics, such that a highly regular three-dimensional brick-and-mortar assembly of microscopic mineral tablets is bonded together with biopolymers. Synthetic nacres have not been able to capture the large-scale sliding of the bricks that is key to enhancing toughness. Yin et al. applied this model to toughening glass… 
Bioinspired improvement of laminated glass
A bio-inspired glass-polymer composite with superior damage tolerance to laminated glass is presented, reconfirming that nature can be a source of inspiration for technological improvements of materials.
Stiff, strong and tough laminated glasses with bio-inspired designs
This study explores how the basic design of laminated glass can be enriched with bio-inspired architectures generated with laser engraving and shows that simultaneous improvements of stiffness, strength and energy absorption upon continuous ply designs can be achieved.
Three-Dimensional Laser Engraving for Fabrication of Tough Glass-Based Bioinspired Materials
Glass has many attractive properties including transparency, durability, low electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance, but its brittleness still limits the range of its applications.
Achieving High Strength and Toughness in Ti6Al4V-Ti Metallic Composite by Engineering 3D Artificial Nacre-Like Structures
Bio-inspired mimicking natural structures generally duplicate the three dimensional “hard brick-and-soft mortar” structure that may overcome the intrinsic brittleness of the brick, resulting in an
Centrifugation and index matching yield a strong and transparent bioinspired nacreous composite
A transparent composite was created by tuning the refractive index of PMMA to that of glass and using chemical functionalization to create continuous interfaces, and the composite may prove to be a glass alternative in diverse applications.
Hierarchical Toughening of a Biomimetic Bulk Cement Composite.
A novel biomimetic bulk cement composite is fabricated via a facile and efficient process based on compacting prefabricated multisized cement-polymer hybrid prills, showing the remarkable maximum toughness enhancement of 27-fold with 71% increase in flexural strength via cooperation with only 4 wt % organic matter.


A laser-engraved glass duplicating the structure, mechanics and performance of natural nacre.
This work presents a new 'top down' strategy to tackling fabrication problem, which consists in carving weak interfaces within a brittle material using a laser engraving technique and demonstrates the method by fabricating and testing borosilicate glasses containing nacre-like microstructures infiltrated with polyurethane.
Tablet-level origin of toughening in abalone shells and translation to synthetic composite materials.
In situ atomic force microscopy fracture experiments and digital image correlation are used to quantitatively prove that brick morphology leads to transverse dilation and subsequent interfacial hardening during sliding, a previously hypothesized dominant toughening mechanism in nacre.
Toughness and Fracture Properties in Nacre‐Mimetic Clay/Polymer Nanocomposites
Nacre inspires researchers by combining stiffness with toughness by its unique microstructure of aligned aragonite platelets. This brick‐and‐mortar structure of reinforcing platelets separated with
Tough Alumina/Polymer Layered Composites with High Ceramic Content
Ceramic composites found in nature, such as bone, nacre, and sponge spicule, often provide an effective resolution to a well-known conflict between materials' strength and toughness. This arises, on
An improved failure criterion for biological and engineered staggered composites
A new failure criterion is developed that takes into account the complex stress field within the inclusions as well as initial defects, and is validated with experiments on staggered structures made of millimetre-thick alumina tablets, and by comparison with data on nacre.
Strong, tough and stiff bioinspired ceramics from brittle constituents.
A bioinspired approach based on widespread ceramic processing techniques for the fabrication of bulk ceramics without a ductile phase and with a unique combination of high strength, high toughness, and high stiffness is reported.
Tough Composites Inspired by Mineralized Natural Materials: Computation, 3D printing, and Testing
Composites play an important role as structural materials in a range of engineering fields due to their potential to combine the best mechanical properties of their constituents. In biology,