Impact of tuberculosis (TB) on HIV-1 activity in dually infected patients.

  title={Impact of tuberculosis (TB) on HIV-1 activity in dually infected patients.},
  author={Zahra Toossi and Harriet Mayanja-Kizza and Christina S. Hirsch and K L Edmonds and T G Spahlinger and David L. Hom and Htin Lynn Aung and Peter Mugyenyi and Jerrold J. Ellner and Christopher Whalen},
  journal={Clinical and experimental immunology},
  volume={123 2},
Active TB in HIV-1-infected subjects is associated with increased HIV-1-related immunodeficiency and mortality. We assessed plasma viral load in HIV-1-infected patients with pulmonary TB (HIV/TB) and non-TB symptomatic HIV-1-infected patients (HIV). HIV-1 load was higher in HIV/TB compared with HIV at higher CD4 counts (> 500/microl) (P < 0.01), but not at lower CD4 counts (< 500/microl). We also evaluated the status of HIV-1 gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and… CONTINUE READING


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