Impact of thyroid disease on testicular function

  title={Impact of thyroid disease on testicular function},
  author={Sandro La Vignera and Roberto Vita and Rosita Angela Condorelli and Laura Maria Mongio{\`i} and Silvia Presti and Salvatore Benvenga and Aldo Eugenio Calogero},
IntroductionTestis was considered unresponsive to thyroid hormone for a long time. However, like in animals, the presence of thyroid hormone receptors in different testicular cell types was demonstrated also in humans. Accordingly, thyrotoxicosis and hypothyroidism have remarkable effects on testicular function and more extensively on fertility.ReviewThyrotoxicosis and hypothyroidism are associated with changes affecting the endocrine, sexual, or reproductive functions. Particularly, compared… 

The impact of thyroid diseases starting from birth on reproductive function

The aim of this review is to provide relevant information regarding the impact of thyroid disease, starting from birth and mainly concerning hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, on reproduction.

Thyroid dysfunction and semen quality

  • S. La VigneraR. Vita
  • Medicine, Biology
    International journal of immunopathology and pharmacology
  • 2018
How hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism lead to a reduction in semen quality is elucidated, briefly reviewing the current literature on murine models and humans, and pinpointing the limitations of the studies carried out so far and identifying new perspectives for future research are pinpointed.

Imbalanced testicular metabolism induced by thyroid disorders: New evidences from quantitative proteome

There is a correlation between thyroid disorders and impaired antioxidant defense mechanism, resulting in reproductive dysfunctions, as infertility, mainly observed in hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hormones in male reproduction and infertility

This article aims to review the available literature to present a concise updated concept on the regulation of male reproductive functions by the thyroid hormones, and the possible mechanism by which thyroid dysfunctions affects testicular functions.

Sexual function and depressive symptoms in men with overt hyperthyroidism.

The obtained results indicate that overt hyperthyroidism in men causes multidimensional impairment of sexual function, which is particularly pronounced if excessive hormone production results from Graves' disease.

Hypothyroidism effects on the morpho-histometrical features of testes in adult rats

Observations are consistent with the hypothesis that hypothyroidism can affect the male fertility and declare that it may influence male reproduction by reducing the testis blood flow.

Thyroid disorders and pathospermia in the ART clinic patients

Patients of the ART clinic with non-obstructive azoospermia are at risk for nodular thyroid disorders, even with normal values of thyroid function tests, and require thyroid ultrasonography.

The role of thyroid function in female and male infertility: a narrative review

Thyroid function should be carefully monitored in both male and female, in couples seeking spontaneous pregnancy as well as ART, as treatment is generally immediate and likely to improve chances of success.

Thyroid Dysfunction and Infertility

Evidence suggests that subclinical hypothyroidism and thyroid antibodies, in addition to overt hypothyrogenism, may be associated with negative outcomes among women undergoing treatment with assisted reproductive technology.

Hypothyroidism: find and neutralize

It is recommended to diagnose hypothyroidism in patients with these diseases, including lipid metabolism disorders, an earlier onset of atherosclerosis, a connection with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus were noted.



Clinical implications of altered thyroid status in male testicular function.

The current review aims at presenting an updated picture of recent clinical data about the role of thyroid hormones in male gonadal function, which can be in part due to the lack of well-controlled clinical studies.

Thyroid hormone and male gonadal function.

The potential of thyroid hormone in the modulation of male reproductive functions was not determined for several years because of the apparent clinical irrelevance of signs and symptoms related to male gonadal function compared with the systemic effects of hyper- and hypothyroidism.

Thyroid function and human reproductive health.

Via its interaction in several pathways, normal thyroid function is important to maintain normal reproduction. In both genders, changes in SHBG and sex steroids are a consistent feature associated

The role of thyroid hormone in testicular development and function.

The current review aims at presenting an updated picture of the recent advances made regarding the role of thyroid hormones in male gonadal function.

New insights for male infertility revealed by alterations in spermatic function and differential testicular expression of thyroid-related genes

The observed alterations in spermatic production and function and in the expression of the TH receptor, deiodinase, and the TH transporter are suggestive of TH participation in sPermatogenesis in adulthood in adulthood.

Is there a role for thyroid hormone on spermatogenesis?

This review has attempted to address the role of thyroid hormone in the regulation of spermatogenesis, emphasizing recent data that suggest its involvement in germ cells differentiation and survival.

Testicular function in hyperthyroidism.

The results of this study indicate that hyperthyroid men may have abnormalities in their hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axes.

Hypothyroidism has an adverse effect on human spermatogenesis: a prospective, controlled study.

Investigation of the impact of hypothyroidism on human spermatogenesis and different sperm function tests found Morphology is the only sperm parameter that is significantly affected and Motility was also decreased before treatment in comparison with controls, and improved after treatment.

Abnormal testicular function in men with primary hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hormones and thyroid antibodies in infertile males.