Impact of therapeutic irradiation on healthy articular cartilage.


Radiation-induced complications in bone and cartilage are of increasing concern due to potential long-term effects in cancer survivors. Healthy articular cartilage may be exposed to radiation during either chondrosarcoma treatment or in-field radiotherapy of tumors located in close proximity to articulation. Cartilage exposed to radiation undergoes bone… (More)
DOI: 10.1667/RR13928.1


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@article{Saintigny2015ImpactOT, title={Impact of therapeutic irradiation on healthy articular cartilage.}, author={Yannick Saintigny and S{\'e}verine Cruet-Hennequart and Dounia Houria Hamdi and François Chevalier and Jean-Louis Lefaix}, journal={Radiation research}, year={2015}, volume={183 2}, pages={135-46} }