[Impact of the angles and the age of the thrombus on efficacity of thromboaspiration device. A bench study].


INTRODUCTION Coronary thrombectomy is usually used to treat acute coronary syndrome. Many studies evaluated its benefit in this context however, it is still unknown if coronary characteristics are predictive of success or failure. The aim of our laboratory bench study was to evaluate the impact of angiographic characteristics on the thromboaspiration efficiency. METHODS Glass tubes of 150 mm in the length were used, with five diameters: 2; 2.6; 3; 3.6 and 4 mm; and for each diameter, three angulations: no angulation; 90° and 120°. Blood sample were taken from healthy subject and thrombi of 3 and 6 hours old were performed, with a constant volume for each test. Thromboaspirations were performed with an Export(®) catheter (Medtronic). The primary endpoint was total thrombectomy. A total of 240 thromboaspirations were performed. RESULTS A total thrombectomy was obtained for 71.2% of the tests. It was achieved more frequently with the smaller diameter, respectively: 100% for 2 mm, 81.3% for 2.6 mm, 89.6% for 3 mm vs 54.2% for 3.6 mm and 31.3% for 4 mm (P<0.001). No differences were observed between the 2 thrombi ages (73.3% for the 3 hours old thrombi and 69.2% for the 6 hours old thrombi, P = 0.476), nor between the three tube's angulations (77.5% for no angle, 66.3% for 90° and 70.0% for 120°, P = 0.278). RESULTS AND CONCLUSION This study shows an impact of the coronary diameters on the rate of thromboaspiration success with an Export(®) catheter. Beyond 3 mm of diameter, the rate of success is divided by 2: for diameters less or equal to 3 mm, 90.3% of success vs 42.7% for diameters greater than 3 mm (P<0.001). There is no difference of efficiency between the 3 and 6 hours old thrombi, neither between the tube's angulations. However, this is a preliminary and further works are needed to clarify how to optimize the aspiration and the impact of other catheters.

DOI: 10.1016/j.ancard.2010.07.015

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