Impact of the Hall effect on high-energy-density plasma jets.

  title={Impact of the Hall effect on high-energy-density plasma jets.},
  author={P-A Gourdain and Charles E. Seyler},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={110 1},
Using a 1-MA, 100 ns-rise-time pulsed power generator, radial foil configurations can produce strongly collimated plasma jets. The resulting jets have electron densities on the order of 10(20) cm(-3), temperatures above 50 eV and plasma velocities on the order of 100 km/s, giving Reynolds numbers of the order of 10(3), magnetic Reynolds and Péclet numbers on the order of 1. While Hall physics does not dominate jet dynamics due to the large particle density and flow inside, it strongly impacts… CONTINUE READING

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