Impact of the Energetic Landscape on Polariton Condensates' Propagation along a Coupler

  title={Impact of the Energetic Landscape on Polariton Condensates' Propagation along a Coupler},
  author={E. Rozas and Johannes Beierlein and A. V. Yulin and Martin Klaas and Holger Suchomel and Oleg A. Egorov and Ivan A Shelykh and Ulf Peschel and Christian Schneider and Sebastian Klembt and Sven H{\"o}fling and Mar{\'i}a Dolores Mart{\'i}n and L. Vi{\~n}a},
  journal={Advanced Optical Materials},
Polariton condensates' propagation is strongly dependent on the particular energy landscape the particles are moving upon, in which the geometry of the pathway laid for their movement plays a crucial role. Bends in the circuit's trajectories affect the condensates' speed and oblique geometries introduce an additional discretization of the polaritons' momenta due to the mixing of short and long axis wavevectors on the propagating eigenvalues. In this work, the nature of the propagation of… 
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