Impact of subclinical and clinical mastitis on sensitivity to pain of dairy cows.

  title={Impact of subclinical and clinical mastitis on sensitivity to pain of dairy cows.},
  author={M. D. Peters and I. D. Silveira and V. Fischer},
  journal={Animal : an international journal of animal bioscience},
  volume={9 12},
A total of 90 cows from three commercial farms were used to evaluate the relationship between subclinical mastitis and clinical mastitis and thermal nociceptive threshold. Milk strips from all udder quarters were tested for clinical mastitis with visual inspection of milk and udder alterations and for subclinical mastitis using California Mastitis Test. Milk yield was recorded, milk was sampled and further analyzed for somatic cells count (SCC). Cows were considered healthy when SCC200 000… Expand
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