Impact of mashing on sorghum proteins and its relationship to ethanol fermentation.

  title={Impact of mashing on sorghum proteins and its relationship to ethanol fermentation.},
  author={Renyong Zhao and Scott R Bean and Brian P Ioerger and Donghai Wang and Daniel L. Boyle},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={56 3},
Nine grain sorghum cultivars with a broad range of ethanol fermentation efficiencies were selected to characterize the changes in sorghum protein in digestibility, solubility, and microstructure during mashing and to relate those changes to ethanol fermentation quality of sorghum. Mashing reduced in vitro protein digestibility considerably, and a large amount of polymers cross-linked by disulfide bonds were developed during mashing. As a marker of cross-linking, protein digestibility of the… CONTINUE READING


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