Impact of high biomass loading on ionic liquid pretreatment

  title={Impact of high biomass loading on ionic liquid pretreatment},
  author={Alejandro G. Cruz and Chessa S. Scullin and Chen Mu and Gang Cheng and Vitalie Stavila and Patanjali Varanasi and Dongyan Xu and Jeff Mentel and Yi-De Chuang and Blake A. Simmons and Seema Singh},
  booktitle={Biotechnology for biofuels},
BACKGROUND Ionic liquid (IL) pretreatment has shown great potential as a novel pretreatment technology with high sugar yields. To improve process economics of pretreatment, higher biomass loading is desirable. The goal of this work is to establish, the impact of high biomass loading of switchgrass on IL pretreatment in terms of viscosity, cellulose crystallinity, chemical composition, saccharification kinetics, and sugar yield. RESULTS The pretreated switchgrass/IL slurries show frequency… CONTINUE READING