Impact of health education pamphlets on maternal knowledge.


An assessment was made of the effectiveness of distribution of health education pamphlets among mothers with infants admitted to the pediatric ward of Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, India. 100 persons were in the control group, and 500 mothers were in the study group. Emotionally disturbed and critically ill infants were excluded. All mothers were literate and could read and write "Gurmukhi" script in the Punjabi language. Pre/posthospitalization testing was conducted with an interval of 14 days among all mothers before the pamphlets were distributed. The intervention was an eight-page pamphlet with two illustrations which presented information on child care, cleanliness, upper respiratory tract infections, immunization, weaning, and the advantages and proper techniques for breast feeding. Interviews were initiated when the baby's condition had stabilized. Post-test 1 was introduced 24 hours after the pamphlet was distributed and then again as post-test 2 after 14 days. The study population included a mix of educational levels ranging from college to no education. The results showed significant differences in scores between the pre- and post-test 1 for the study population. There were no significant differences between post-test 1 and 2 scores among the study group. The average scores of the pre-test between the controls and the study groups were similar, however post-test scores for the study group were significantly higher. The results confirm the effectiveness of using pamphlets to convey health education information and reveal that retention was constant for two weeks. The suggestion was made that child hospitalization is a period when mothers are particularly receptive to health education messages. Another advantage of hospital distribution of health information is the large visiting population of friends and relatives who can be reached.

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