Impact of growth hormone administration on other hormonal axes.

  title={Impact of growth hormone administration on other hormonal axes.},
  author={Jens Otto Lunde J\orgensen and Per Glud Ovesen and Anders Juul and Troels Krarup Hansen and Niels Erik Skakkebaek and Jens Sandahl Christiansen},
  journal={Hormone research},
  volume={51 Suppl 3},
Growth hormone regulates several other hormonal systems and vice versa. The present review focusses on the effect of GH administration in adults on selected hormonal systems. Growth hormone treatment has been linked to development of central hypothyroidism in hypopituitary children. We now know that GH enhances the extra-thyroidal conversion of T(4) to T(3). Lowering of T(4) during GH treatment therefore reflects biochemical unmasking of subclinical central hypothyroidism. In normal adults GH… CONTINUE READING

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