Impact of environmental and genetic factors on codeine analgesia

  title={Impact of environmental and genetic factors on codeine analgesia},
  author={Jules Alexandre Desmeules and M P Gascon and Pierre Dayer and M R Magistris},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology},
The polymorphic cytochrome P-450 DB1 (P-450 IID6) is responsible for the O-demethylation of codeine to morphine by human liver microsomes. The influence of P-450 DB1 variable activity on the bioactivation of codeine in vivo to morphine and on its analgesic effect was investigated in phenotyped healthy volunteers — 7 extensive [EM] and 1 poor [PM] metabolizer of debrisoquine. After pretreatment with oral placebo or quinidine sulphate 50 mg, codeine phosphate 100 mg or placebo were administered… CONTINUE READING