Impact of dentofacial esthetics in self-esteem. A review of the literature.

  title={Impact of dentofacial esthetics in self-esteem. A review of the literature.},
  author={E Cofre and Katherine Rodr{\'i}guez},
  journal={International Journal of Medical and Surgical Sciences},
At the national level, it is considered that around half of 12-year-old children have some type of malocclusion. This problem gives rise to negative functional and esthetic consequences that produce a dissatisfaction in the individual, which is related to the severity of the dental irregularities. Even so, there are differences in their recognition and evaluation, given that it is not uncommon to observe some patients with severe malocclusions who are satisfied with their dental esthetics… 

Relationship of Malocclusion with Self-Esteem & Quality of Life of Adult Saudi Female Orthodontic Patients

The results suggest that female orthodontic patients with severe Class II and / or severely protrusive lip profile, deep bite may have lower SE and QOL than those with crowding, open bite, and Class III malocclusion.

Quality of Life Assessment in Patients with Malocclusion Undergoing Orthodontic and Orthognathic Treatment

The findings suggest that patients for whom Orthodontic treatment was planned demonstrated better quality of life according to the OQLQ scores in comparison to those for whom orthognathic therapy was planned.



Psychosocial impact of dental esthetics on quality of life in adolescents.

A broad range of adolescents' self-perceived impact of dental esthetics is influenced by severity of malocclusion, oral health-related quality of life, and body satisfaction.

Craniodentofacial characteristics, dental esthetics-related quality of life, and self-esteem.

Relationship between the psychosocial impact of dental aesthetics and perfectionism and self-esteem

The students most affected by poor dental aesthetics had lower self-esteem and higher levels of perfectionism, while the latter displayed greater self-confidence in their dental aesthetics.

The effect of malocclusion and self-perceived aesthetics on the self-esteem of a sample of Jordanian adolescents.

  • S. Badran
  • Psychology
    European journal of orthodontics
  • 2010
Students who had received orthodontic treatment showed greater self-esteem than those who had not, although the correlation was weak, and Dissatisfaction with dental appearance had a strong predictive effect on self- esteem.

Impact of malocclusion on oral health related quality of life of final year dental students.

Perceived psychosocial impact of dental aesthetics is related to severity of malocclusion and the sociodental approach which combines normative and Psychosocial perception of occlusion is recommended for routine evaluation of treatment need so that measures of patients' views complement clinical measures.

The unique contribution of elements of smile aesthetics to psychosocial well-being.

It appears that people are not as focused on details of their smile as they are on distinctive malposition of teeth, and female gender is associated with higher psychological influence of dental aesthetics while male gender and older age with self-esteem.

The impact of malocclusion on the quality of life among children and adolescents: a systematic review of quantitative studies.

The scientific evidence was considered strong since four studies with high level of quality reported that malocclusions have negative effects on OHRQOL, predominantly in the dimensions of emotional and social wellbeing.


Patients who seek orthodontic treatment are anxious to improve their appearance and approval of the social, more often associated with improved oral work or life, according to this study.

Maloclusiones y su Impacto Psicosocial en Estudiantes de un Liceo Intercultural

Las maloclusiones estan consideradas como la tercera patologia oral de mayor prevalencia e impacto en el mundo, a pesar de esto son pocos los estudios en Chile que abordan el tema y consideran sus

Necesidad de tratamiento ortodóncico e impacto psicosocial de la estética dental en los adolescentes de la Comunidad Valenciana (2010)

La Conferencia de Alma Ata sobre Atencion Primaria de Salud en 1978 declaro que ''la salud es un estado de completo bienestar fisico, mental y el bienestar social y no una mera ausencia de