Impact of crisis resolution and home treatment services on user experience and admission to psychiatric hospital

  • Mark Taylor
  • Published 2011


recommended crisis resolution and home treatment (CRHT) in its best practice and policy implementation guides since 2002. In 2007 it described CRHT as a key step in implementing the mental health National Service Framework, partly to ensure in-patient care is used only where necessary. In 2005, Johnson et al undertook a randomised controlled trial of CRHT and found that 8 weeks after the introduction of CRHT, admission rates in the general adult psychiatry population were reduced from 59 to 22%. Reduced admission rates have been demonstrated by other studies, including a large observational study of 229 of 303 teams in England. A number of investigations have also showed reduced length of in-patient stay following introduction of CRHT. Crisis resolution and home treatment teams have now been implemented throughout England and Wales. Jethwa et al performed an evaluation of the long-term effects of the introduction of CRHT in Leeds and demonstrated a significant reduction in admission rates of 37.5% in the first year. In contrast, a study by Tyrer et al found only a 7.7% reduction in admissions and no significant reduction in length of in-patient stay after the introduction of CRHT in Cardiff. Services in Scotland were not constrained by the Department of Health national service framework and did not incorporate functionalised teams such as assertive outreach, early intervention and CRHT teams into clinical services until relatively recently. A trial of CRHT in Falkirk in 2006 reported reduced in-patient admissions and length of stay, and demonstrated positive feedback from service users. In late 2008, CRHT was introduced in Edinburgh. We wanted to evaluate the impact on admission rates and length of stay following the introduction of CRHT. Additionally, we examined readmission rates (which previous studies have not investigated), rates of compulsory admission, and patients’ and carers’ satisfaction with and experience of the CRHT.

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