Impact of climate change on soil erosion and the efficiency of soil conservation practices in Austria

  title={Impact of climate change on soil erosion and the efficiency of soil conservation practices in Austria},
  author={Andreas Klik and Josef Eitzinger},
  journal={The Journal of Agricultural Science},
  pages={529 - 541}
SUMMARY The goal of the present study was to assess the impact of selected soil protection measures on soil erosion and retention of rainwater in a 1·14 km2 watershed used for agriculture in the north-east of Austria. Watershed conditions under conventional tillage (CT), no-till (NT) and under grassland use were simulated using the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) soil erosion model. The period 1961–90 was used as a reference and results were compared to future Intergovernmental Panel on… 

Climate Change Impacts on Soil Erosion: A High-Resolution Projection on Catchment Scale Until 2100

The aim of this study was to quantify the impact of climate change on soil loss at catchment scale at high temporal and spatial resolution. Simulations are performed for three example catchments in

Modeling the effect of land use and climate change scenarios on future soil loss rate in Kasilian watershed of northern Iran

Accelerated erosion processes caused by global climate and land use changes in many regions of the world constitute a major restrictive factor in their sustainability. This study proposes a method to

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SUMMARY The main objective of the present crop simulation study was to determine the impact of climate change on the winter wheat production of a dry area situated in north-east Austria (Marchfeld

Future soil loss in highland Ethiopia under changing climate and land use

Soil erosion caused by climate and land-use changes is one of the biggest environmental challenges in highland Ethiopia. The aim of this study was to assess the future soil erosion risks and evaluate



Runoff and soil-loss responses to changes in precipitation: A computer simulation study

ABSTRACT: Changes in precipitation have occurred over the past century and are expected to continue over the next century. These changes will have significant implications for runoff, soil erosion,

Sediment transport in a small agricultural watershed : evaluation of WEPP simulations with measured data

During the 2002 growing season spatially and temporally distributed data on surface runoff, soil erosion, soil water content and crop development were collected from a 16-ha watershed in lower

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Global climate has changed over the past century. Precipitation amounts and intensities are increasing. In this study we investigated the response of seven soil erosion models to a few basic

Modeling Response of Soil Erosion and Runoff to Changes in Precipitation and Cover

Predicting soil erosion by water : a guide to conservation planning with the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE)

Renard, K.G., G.R. Foster, G.A. Weesies, D.K. McCool, and D.C. Yoder, coordinators. Predicting Soil Erosion by Water: A Guide to Conservation Planning With the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation

Potential changes in rainfall erosivity in the U.S. with climate change during the 21st century

ABSTRACT: The erosive power of rainfall can be expected to change as climate changes. Such erosive changes are likely to have significant impacts on local and national soil conservation strategies.

Projections of uncertainties in climate change scenarios into expected winter wheat yields

SummaryThe crop model CERES-Wheat in combination with the stochastic weather generator were used to quantify the effect of uncertainties in selected climate change scenarios on the yields of winter

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Overall the environmental performance of agriculture in OECD countries over the last 10 to 15 years has been mixed. According to the indicators examined in this book pollution levels from nitrogen

The EPIC crop growth model

ABSTRACT The EPIC plant growth model was developed to estimate soil productivity as affected by erosion throughout the U.S. Since soil productivity is expressed in terms of crop yield, the model must