Impact of alphamethrin on biochemical parameters of Channa punctatus.

  title={Impact of alphamethrin on biochemical parameters of Channa punctatus.},
  author={Ghanshyam Tripathi and H. Satyajit Singh},
  journal={Journal of environmental biology},
  volume={34 2},
Impact of alphamethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) on profiles of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), catalase (CAT), DNA, RNA and protein in liver, brain, gill and skeletal muscle of the freshwater food fish Channa punctatus were investigated. Exposure of sublethal concentration of alphamethrin (0.018 ppm for 14 days) increased the activity of LDH in liver (1.8 fold), brain (1.4 fold), gill(1.6 fold), and skeletal muscle (2.2 fold) of the fish. However, it significantly decreased the activity of CAT in… CONTINUE READING

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