Impact of age, and cognitive and coping resources on coping.

  title={Impact of age, and cognitive and coping resources on coping.},
  author={Rapha{\"e}l Trouillet and Loane-Martine Doan-Van-Hay and Michel Launay and Sophie G. Martin},
  journal={Canadian journal on aging = La revue canadienne du vieillissement},
  volume={30 4},
To explore the predictive value of cognitive and coping resources for problem- and emotion-focused coping with age, we collected data from community-dwelling adults between 20 and 90 years old. We hypothesized that age, perceived stress, self-efficacy, working-memory capacity, and mental flexibility were predictors of coping. We collected data using French versions of the Perceived Stress Scale, General Self-Efficacy Scale, and Way of Coping Checklist. Cognitive assessments comprised the WAIS… CONTINUE READING