Impact of Tangible or Intangible incentives on job satisfaction among workers

  title={Impact of Tangible or Intangible incentives on job satisfaction among workers},
  author={Syeda Ayat-e-Zainab Ali and Maryam Afridi and Marrium Shafi and Huda Munawar and Mahmood Alvi},
  journal={International Journal of Management Excellence},
Incentives either tangible or intangible are the most important or convenient resources that became the basis of workers satisfaction with their jobs. The study attempts to explore the relationship between tangible or intangible incentives and job satisfaction among workers. To achieve the objective, a sample of 100 workers were selected from Pakistan Ordinance Factory, Wah Cantt, Pakistan on basis of purposive sampling technique. Data is collected through the use of reward system questionnaire… 

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