Impact of Software Engineering Research in Practice: A Patent and Author Survey Analysis

  title={Impact of Software Engineering Research in Practice: A Patent and Author Survey Analysis},
  author={Zoe Kotti and Georgios Gousios and Diomidis D. Spinellis},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering},
—Existing work on the practical impact of software engineering (SE) research examines industrial relevance rather than adoption of study results, hence the question of how results have been practically applied remains open. To answer this and investigate the outcomes of impactful research, we performed a quantitative and qualitative analysis of 4354 SE patents citing 1690 SE papers published in four leading SE venues between 1975–2017. Moreover, we conducted a survey on 475 authors of 593 top… 

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How practitioners perceive the relevance of software engineering research

A survey at Microsoft where 3,000 industry practitioners were invited to rate the relevance of research ideas contained in 571 ICSE, ESEC/FSE and FSE papers that were published over a five year period suggests that practitioners are positive towards studies done by the software engineering research community.

Impact of research on practice in the field of inspections, reviews and walkthroughs: learning from successful industrial uses

It is shown that software engineering research has had a significant impact on practice and that the impact can be traced in this case from research to that practice, and in impact chains where the empirical results have not been established, it is concluded that success has not be achieved or has not been sustained.

Who Are We Doing Global Software Engineering Research For?

This paper aims to assess whether the many hundreds of GSE research papers written over this period have had an impact on practice, by conducting semi-structured interviews with senior managers and project managers from ten companies.

The Future of Empirical Methods in Software Engineering Research

Means to meet challenges to meet the vision of empirical research methods for software engineering include increased competence regarding how to apply and combine alternative empirical methods, tighter links between academia and industry, the development of common research agendas with a focus on empirical Methods, and more resources for empirical research.

Impact of software resource estimation research on practice: a preliminary report on achievements, synergies, and challenges

  • B. BoehmR. Valerdi
  • Computer Science
    2011 33rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
  • 2011
The study concludes that research in software resource estimation has had a significant impact on the practice of software engineering, but also faces significant challenges in addressing likely future software trends.

What do software engineers care about? gaps between research and practice

While so ware engineers care more about so ware development productivity than the quality of so ware, papers on research areas closely related to so ware productivity are significantly less published than papers on so ware verification and validation that account for more than half of publications.

The ABC of Software Engineering Research

A taxonomy from the social sciences is adopted, termed here the ABC framework for SE research, which offers a holistic view of eight archetypal research strategies, and six ways in which the framework can advance SE research.