Impact of Social Isolation on Physical Functioning Among Older Adults: A 9-Year Longitudinal Study of a U.S.-Representative Sample.

  title={Impact of Social Isolation on Physical Functioning Among Older Adults: A 9-Year Longitudinal Study of a U.S.-Representative Sample.},
  author={Borja del Pozo Cruz and Francisco Perales and Rosa M Alfonso-Rosa and Jes{\'u}s del Pozo-Cruz},
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The Epidemiology of Social Isolation: National Health & Aging Trends Study.
A typology of social isolation was constructed using data from the National Health and Aging Trends Study and it was indicated that being unmarried, male, having low education, and low income were all independently associated with social isolation.
Social isolation, loneliness and physical performance in older-adults: fixed effects analyses of a cohort study
Findings suggest social participation and subjectively meaningful interpersonal interactions are related to physical performance, and highlight additional considerations regarding social distancing related to COVID-19 control measures.
Variation in the impact of social network characteristics on physical functioning in elderly persons: MacArthur Studies of Successful Aging.
The effects of social support and social networks may vary according to the individual's gender and baseline physical capabilities, and studies of functional decline among elderly persons should not ignore this population variation in the effects ofsocial networks.
Social Isolation and Loneliness: Prospective Associations With Functional Status in Older Adults
In fully and mutually adjusted models, social isolation and loneliness were found to be associated with a decrease in gait speed at follow-up, with stronger effects among more disadvantaged individuals.
Measuring Social Isolation in the National Health and Aging Trends Study.
A social isolation measure based on Berkman and Syme's Social Network Index domains with data from the National Health and Aging Trends Study offers conceptual clarity and measurement consistency for developing the components and targets for future social isolation intervention research.
Association Between Social Network and Physical Function in Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Japan.
Social network was associated with muscle strength and physical performance in Japanese community-dwelling older adults, and older adults with poor social networks require an assessment of physical function, since their physical functions have possibly deteriorated.
Social Isolation, Loneliness and Health Among Older Adults
The results suggest that global measures of isolation, that fail to distinguish between social isolation and feelings of loneliness, may not detect the impact on physical and mental health in older adults.
Effects of creative and social activity on the health and well-being of socially isolated older people: outcomes from a multi-method observational study
  • C. Greaves, L. Farbus
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    The journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
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The data seem to indicate a reversal of the expected downward trends in some aspects of participants’ health, and suggest that the Upstream model provides a practical way of engaging socially isolated elderly people and generating social networks.