Impact of Maillard type glycation on properties of beta-lactoglobulin.

  title={Impact of Maillard type glycation on properties of beta-lactoglobulin.},
  author={J. M. Chobert and J C Gaudin and Mich{\`e}le Dalgalarrondo and Thomas Haertl{\'e}},
  journal={Biotechnology advances},
  volume={24 6},
The Maillard reaction occurs during many thermal treatments of foods. It is used because of its role in creating colors, flavors, textures and other functional properties in foods. Glycated beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) can improve techno-functional properties as heat stability, emulsifying and foaming properties. Among the six common sugars used, arabinose and ribose induce the highest degree of modification of proteins. Glycation induced also the oligomerization of BLG monomers. Depending on the… CONTINUE READING

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