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Impact of Landfill Waste on Health : An Overview Maheshwari

  title={Impact of Landfill Waste on Health : An Overview Maheshwari},
  author={Swami Shri Swaroopanand and Saraswati Mahavidyalya and Hudco Bhilai},
Landfill is the most popularly used method of waste disposal which includes burying the waste in lands all over the world. The waste landfill sites are major source of land, air, ground and surface water pollution. This is very harmful for the people especially who resides near landfill sites.This paper present an overview literature in concern with environmental pollution that evaluates health effects in relation to residence near landfill sites. Environmental pollution by waste dumping shows… 

An overview of the environmental pollution and health effects associated with waste landfilling and open dumping

Landfilling is one of the most common waste management methods employed in all countries alike, irrespective of their developmental status. The most commonly used types of landfills are (a) municipal

Effect of waste landfill site on surface and ground water drinking quality

Drinking water quality of surface and underground water within 1.34 km from a waste landfill site in Kumasi, Ghana was investigated. Physico‐chemical properties and heavy metal concentrations were

Comparative Evaluation of Unmitigated Options for Solid Waste Transfer Stations in North East of Tehran Using Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix and Iranian Leopold Matrix

The current situation of world’s environmental issues, indicates that not only the man-made environmental damages have not been diminished, but also has given rise to more acute issues such as water

Impact of Leachate Percolation on Groundwater Quality near the Bandhwari Landfill Site Gurugram, India

Non-engineered landfill sites pose substantial environmental threats, especially on air, biodiversity, soil fertility, human health. In addition, they have significant threats to groundwater

Sanitary Waste Landfill Effects on an Invasive Wild Pig Population

Being opportunistic omnivores, wild pigs (Sus scrofa) readily feed on edible garbage. Given the presence of substantial volumes of edible food waste, large multi‐county and regional municipal

Prevalence of Diseases among People Living Near a Landfill in Kolkata: An Exploratory Survey

Chronic health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, gastric problems, eye problems, asthma, and gallbladder problems were prevalent among the residents living near the Noapara Landfill in Kolkata.


The present study aimed to assess the stabilization performance of fly ash, blast furnace slag and quick lime for heavy metals in contaminated soil at a landfill site at Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Physiochemical Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate from Open Dumpsites in Benin City Metropolis

Physiochemical assessment of leachate in three open dumpsites in Oluku, Uselu and New Benin in Benin City was carried out in this study using  standard methods. The pH of leachate sample from Oluku

Environmental Impact Assessment of Solid Waste Disposal Options in Touristic Islands

Kish Island is a popular tourist destination in Iran, and tourism plays an important role in its economy. The volume of waste produced in the island has increased given the construction of numerous


Poor waste management practices are a major challenge in most developing countries like Zimbabwe. A number of reasons which include financial constraints, lack of skilled personnel, lack of interest



Wasting lives: The effects of toxic waste exposure on health. The case of Campania, Southern Italy

Three decades of illegal practices of waste dumping and consequent environmental abuse have made the Campania region of Southern Italy a unique case in the context of waste-related health outcomes.

The impact measure of solid waste management on health: the hazard index.

An epidemiological study was conducted in two Italian provinces of the Campania Region, namely Naples and Caserta, with the aim of assessing the health effects deriving from exposure to waste, and a synthetical "hazard index" was designed.

Health effects associated with the disposal of solid waste in landfills and incinerators in populations living in surrounding areas: a systematic review

A moderate level of confidence is possible in limited areas of knowledge, implying the need to overcome the limitations of current studies about exposure assessment and to control confounders at the individual level.

Short-term health effects of an industrial toxic waste landfill: a retrospective follow-up study in Montchanin, France.

Results support the decision to close the landfill and suggest a suggestion of a slight trend in the consumption of drugs for ear, nose, and throat and pulmonary ailments with individual exposure levels.

Health effects of residence near hazardous waste landfill sites: a review of epidemiologic literature.

  • M. Vrijheid
  • Medicine
    Environmental health perspectives
  • 2000
This review evaluates current epidemiologic literature on health effects in relation to residence near landfill sites and finds an increased prevalence of self-reported health symptoms among residents near waste sites has consistently been reported in more than 10 of the reviewed papers.

A Community-Based Study of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Near a Large Hazardous Waste Landfill in California

The BKK Landfill is located 18 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the city of West Covina in Los Angeles County, and over this period of operation, residential developments expanded in close proximity of the site, and local residents filed numerous complaints.

Systematic review of epidemiological studies on health effects associated with management of solid waste

The overall evidence was inadequate to establish a relationship between a specific waste process and health effects; the evidence from occupational studies was not sufficient to make an overall assessment; and some effect estimates that could be used for health impact assessment of old landfill and incineration plants are derived.

Potential for Effects of Land Contamination on Human Health. 2. The Case of Waste Disposal Sites

This review of the epidemiological literature shows that evidence for negative impacts of land contaminated by waste disposal on human health is limited. However, the potential for health impacts

Review on landfill leachate treatments.

The use of membrane technologies, more especially Reverse Osmosis (RO), either as a main step in a landfill leachate treatment chain or as single post-treatment step had shown to be an indispensable means of achieving purification.

Community exposure to hazardous waste disposal sites: assessing reporting bias.

Hypochondriasis scores were associated with symptom reports regardless of location of residence while an individual's opinion showed a different pattern by area of residence, and attention is called to the need to develop measures sensitive to reporting bias in epidemiologic studies.