Impact of Iron-Oxide Containing Formulations Against Visible Light-Induced Skin Pigmentation in Skin of Color Individuals.

  title={Impact of Iron-Oxide Containing Formulations Against Visible Light-Induced Skin Pigmentation in Skin of Color Individuals.},
  author={Hawasatu Dumbuya and Pearl E. Grimes and Stephen Lynch and Kaili Ji and Manisha Brahmachary and Qian Zheng and Charbel Bouez and Janet Wangari-Talbot},
  journal={Journal of drugs in dermatology : JDD},
  volume={19 7},
Visible light (400-700nm), which contributes to 45% of solar radiation, contributes to skin darkening and worsening of dyschromias, particularly in individuals with Fitzpatrick skin phototypes III and higher. Currently, sunscreens provide limited protection against that spectrum. Due to their capabilities in absorbing, scattering, and reflecting visible light, topical products containing pigments and/or metal oxides can provide additional photoprotection. In this study, the efficacy of two… 
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