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Impact of ENSO on European Climate

  title={Impact of ENSO on European Climate},
  author={Adam A. Scaife},
The El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) affects many parts of the globe, particularly in the tropics where changes in rainfall and temperature due to the varying phase of ENSO are the single largest source of year-toyear change. Clear ENSO influences on the extratropics are found over North America and Australia but Atlantic links are much less clear. In this short paper we review some of the attempts to identify ENSO teleconnections to the Atlantic and Europe and unify some of the earlier… Expand

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Utjecaj tropskog Pacifika na klimatsku varijabilnost Europe
El Nino - južna oscilacija (ENSO) je globalni fenomen međugodisnje klimatske varijabilnosti u tropskom Pacifiku. Putem mehanizma daljinskih veza si


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