Impact of Detector Solenoid on the CLIC Luminosity Performance

  title={Impact of Detector Solenoid on the CLIC Luminosity Performance},
  author={Yngve Levinsen and Barbara Dalena and Rogelio Tom{\'a}s and Daniel Schulte},
  journal={Physical Review Special Topics-accelerators and Beams},
In order to obtain the necessary luminosity with a reasonable amount of beam power, the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) design includes an unprecedented collision beam size of {\sigma} = 1 nm vertically and {\sigma} = 45 nm horizontally. Given the small and very flat beams, the luminosity can be significantly degraded from the impact of the experimental solenoid field in combination with a large crossing angle. Main effects include y-x'-coupling and increase of vertical dispersion. Additionally… 
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