Impact of Chaitén Volcano ashfall on native and exotic fish recovery, recolonization, and abundance.

  title={Impact of Chait{\'e}n Volcano ashfall on native and exotic fish recovery, recolonization, and abundance.},
  author={Cecilia Yanina Di Prinzio and Brooke E. Penaluna and Marta G. Grech and Luz Mar{\'i}a Manzo and Mar{\'i}a Laura Miserendino and Ricardo Casaux},
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Impacts of volcanic eruptions and early recovery in freshwater environments and organisms
This review of papers reporting the effects of volcanic eruptions in freshwater environments and on freshwater organisms finds an increase in water turbidity is the most common reported physical effect while increases in concentrations of inorganic elements, many representing nutrients for primary producers, are the mostCommon chemical effects.
The lifecycle of volcanic ash: advances and ongoing challenges
Explosive volcanic eruptions can produce vast amounts of volcanic ash made up mainly of fragments of magmatic glass, country rock and minerals < 2 mm in size. Ash particles forming from magma
Estimates of Effective Population Size in Commercial and Hatchery Strains of Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch (Walbaum, 1792))
The genetic status of several aquaculture strains of Coho salmon from North America, Chile, and Japan and a wild-type hatchery strain from the Pacific Northwest of North America are described and the effective population size of these strains is estimated.


The susceptibility of cladocerans in North Andean Patagonian lakes to volcanic ashes
SUMMARY 1. Explosive volcanic eruptions are one of the few natural phenomena that can produce global catastrophic effects. On 4 June 2011, an eruption in the Puyehue volcanic complex (40°35′S,
Puyehue Cordón –Caulle: post-eruption analysis of changes in stream benthic fauna of Patagonia
Ecologia Austral, 24:64-74 (2014) Volcanic eruptions are natural phenomena with the most diverse and varied consequences, and have important effects on both terrestrial and aquatic environments. On
Volcanism and freshwater fish biogeography in the northeastern North Island of New Zealand
Major volcanic eruptions in the central North river systems by dispersing through the sea. However, some Island of New Zealand and, in particular, an eruption dated rivers, that were probably
Environmental assessment of 1991 Hudson volcano eruption ashfall effects on southern Patagonia region, Argentina
The August 1991 eruption of the Hudson volcano in the southern Andean volcanic zone affected an area of 1000 km in radius to the east in the Argentine Patagonic meseta. The thickness of ash ranged
Freshwater fishes of Patagonia in the 21st Century after a hundred years of human settlement, species introductions, and environmental change
We review the status of the freshwater fish fauna of Patagonia, an assemblage with 26 native species, comprising fishes of Gondwanan origin, marine dispersants, and oceanic elements of local origin.
Effect of volcanic eruption on nutrients, light, and phytoplankton in oligotrophic lakes
Volcanic eruptions that shape the earth's surface can have major effect on ecosystems and, as natural experiments, can yield insights into ecological dynamics. On 04 June 2011, a mega‐eruption in the