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Impact of Big Data Analytics on Business Intelligence-Scope of Predictive Analytics

  title={Impact of Big Data Analytics on Business Intelligence-Scope of Predictive Analytics},
  author={P. Soumya and S. Pooja Laxmi},
The Big Data is the buzzword in present days across the globe. As there is a huge data generated by different sources such as business people, marketing, education, engineering, medicine, social media, on-line transactions, call centers, sensors, web logs and telecommunication. There is a need to manage the risk associated with the collection, storage, retrieval and analysis of such enormous data. Big data analytics is emerged as a core business practice that firms use to understand their… 
Digital Marketing Framework Strategies Through Big Data
Big data analytics is more useful in e-business companies to analyse the behavior of customer, systematic analytics and acquiring profit over the competition.
The growing number of big data technologies and analytic solutions has been developed to support the requirement of big data implementation. The capability of analyzing big data becomes critical
Big data analytics implementation for value discovery: a systematic literature review
It was found that the capability components that may impact value discovery is formulating big data framework that includes the enabler technology and processing and using sufficient analytic techniques for analysing big data.
Sketch of Big Data Real-Time Analytics Model
This paper introduces the Big Data real-time analytics model as a new technique and discusses and compares several Big Data technologies for real- time processing along with various challenges and issues in adapting Big Data.
Updating Business Intelligence and Analytics Maturity Models for New Developments
It is suggested that existing BIMM dimensions should be modified in various ways to cater for the recent changes in BI&A.
Holistic Model That Affect the Success or Failure of the Implementation of Big Data
  • Divya Byri
  • International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering
  • 2019
Big data defines the substantial volume of data that could be refined as well as examined utilizing modern technology to obtain service market values that will certainly aid institutions to obtain
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It is implied that the quality dimensions of traditional restaurants may not accurately represent the factual dimensions, thereby resulting in implications for developing a new index of restaurant quality.
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Small Business Strategies for Information Technology Implementation in Developing Countries by William Kwabiah MS, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Kansas, 2010 BS, University College of
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The implementation of a web-based decision support system that incorporates TOPSIS and VIKOR and allows decision makers to compare the results obtained from both methods is presented.


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